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Restore value to those affected by substance use and addiction through a framework of kindness and science.

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Rita is a wife and a mother of two living in Uganda. Her husband struggled with substance use and addition for three years during their marriage. This left Rita as the sole caregiver to her house and children while also providing care to her husband. Over time, she fell into depression and struggled with her perceptions of her self-worth. Like Rita, when families and other support systems are struggling with helping their loved one, it's all too often because of the SHAME and GUILT our society sends their way, instead of support.

Your Ally Foundation, Inc. provided her an opportunity to engage with a support group that taught her how to care for herself as well as her husband and children. Through weekly meetings with certified professionals and other people affected by substance use and addiction, she learned to love herself and see her worth as an individual. Rita has learned to accept herself and stop blaming herself, and learned how to relate to her husband during his struggle.

Core to Your Ally Foundation’s methods is the Invitation to Change (ITC). This method is a "holistic helping framework based in science and kindness" and was developed by the CMC:Foundation for Change. ITC offers training to professionals and practice groups in Uganda and Zambia that provide free support to people battling substance use disorders and addiction. Key to ITC are the concepts of learning how to communicate with loved ones, how to care for yourself, and how to develop skills that can be used to start and continue a transition into a substance free life.

Your Ally Foundation cares deeply about the professionals who give the support individuals need. Health care providers are impacted by the stories they hear, and we ensure that these professionals are equipped with the resources they require to provide continued support.

Your donation will ensure that individuals and patients like Rita have access to resources such as books tailored to substance cessation curricula, regular support groups, and trained facilitators.

Your donation also ensures that facilitators and professionals providing these services receive the necessary training and support to continue to provide the care individuals require.

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